Our team

Daisy Gilissen-Derkx


Cuddling with our 3 children - romantic movies - listening to music - caring - approacher - vegetarian dinner - radiate tranquility - on the road with the caravan - drinks / festival / going out - specialization contraception - co-owner

Judith Schrouff-Wichers


2nd Generation midwife – married to Marc – 2 big sons – giving confidence- likes to bake and cook – Antillean blood – hammock – making fun ultrasounds – reading – teaching students – clear communication – co-owner

Ingrid Lamers


Proud mother of 4 - together with John- loves our profession in all it's ways- go getter -caring- crazy about Italy /sauna/ eating out- co-owner- specialization: 20 weeks ultrasound

Nanda Gost


Boy's mom – tea drinker – patient – vegetable garden – bath birth – listening ear – fresh flowers on the table – trust – autonomy

Dagmar Houben

Practice assistant

Dagmar is our assistant who will answer the phone in the morning. She supports us in the administration, preparation during consultation hours and so much more. She's our golden girl!

Demi Aarts

Substitute Midwife

Demi is our support and rock, who works as a midwife in our practice during pregnancy leave and holidays. She is caring and shines when assisting during childbirth.

Consultation hours

We hold consultation hours at 3 locations. The consultation hours are spread over different parts of the day, including evenings.

Geboortecentrum Noord-Limburg
Professor Gelissensingel 20
5912 JX Venlo

3rd floor. You can take a seat in the communal waiting area.

Gezondheidscentrum Huis van Noord
Veestraat 5
5914 RJ Venlo

1st floor. You can take a seat in the waiting room of the general practitioners.

Praktijk in Blerick
Averbodestraat 54
5921 ES Blerick

Complaints procedure

We think it is important that you feel good at our practice, because being pregnant is exciting enough. That is why we do everything we can to guide you and your child well. It is nice if the contact with the midwife and other professionals in our practice is professional and pleasant. 

However, it is possible that you have a complaint. Do you have questions? Or doubts? Are you dissatisfied with something? Tell us. We are happy to take the time to talk to you.

Can't figure it out with us? Or do you want help submitting a complaint? Please contact the complaints officer of the CBKZ (Central Bureau for Complaints Management in Healthcare). She (or he) is impartial, works independently and is happy to help you with support and advice. The complaints officer also mediates in finding a solution. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. For more information, visit www.klachtverloskunde.nl.