Child wish

With us you will receive information to give your baby the best possible start. We are also there for you if you hope to become pregnant.


A knowledgeable and warm team of midwives offers care to you and your baby. Your wishes and needs are important to us.


We understand how nice it is to take a look at your baby. You can contact us for medical ultrasounds and fun ultrasounds.


Do you not want to become pregnant (for now)? We are happy to discuss which contraception is right for you.

Pregnant, now what?

The first weeks after a positive pregnancy test is often an exciting period and a lot comes at you.
Know that you can already call us to make an appointment for a 1st ultrasound and of course also for questions and concerns.

Have an ultrasound made?

An ultrasound is offered every time during the check-ups. In the first two check-ups, it is important to measure the baby. The first ultrasound is called the ‘vitality ultrasound’ and the second ultrasound in our practice is called the ‘term ultrasound’. Your final due date is determined during the term ultrasound.

The ultrasounds at our practice are made by all midwives. Ingrid also works as an ultrasound technician at CVONL. If preferred, she can make your 13- and 20- week ultrasounds there. After your term ultrasound has been made, we will send a referral and the assistant at the ultrasound centre will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Full of passion and confidence!

Welcome to Midwifery practice Venlo-Blerick!
We are a practice of 4 passionate midwives who find personal care very important. In order to provide the best care, we believe that every pregnant woman is special and unique within her own personal situation. We stand for trust. Trust in your body, the natural process, in your baby, and in us. We offer guidance in everything that has to do with becoming pregnant, being pregnant, childbirth, post partum care, unexpected pregnancy, miscarriage and contraception. We tailor our care to your needs - we offer evening consultations, we can provide additional ultrasounds at your request and you are welcome at the heart consultation hour every week. Our working area is the municipality of Venlo and surroundings.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice!

Looking for a good preparation?

Start with Centering Pregnancy!
Instead of individual check-ups during pregnancy, care is offered in nine sessions to a group of approximately 8-10 pregnant women with approximately the same gestational age. To attend the centering pregnancy sessions you must speak and understand the Dutch language.

During these sessions, pregnancy checkups are combined in a fun and informal way with information, interactive learning methods and conversations about what keeps you and your fellow pregnant women busy during pregnancy.